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This is the official, updated reference list of the best ways to contact Staff. It will change over time, most likely, but we will strive to keep it accurately updated. 



  • To report a Code of Conduct violation to CMS, please complete this form 

    • Please read the proper reporting procedures here first​


  • For any Safety concerns and question about weapon guidelines, please email: 


  • If you cannot access your character sheet, please email for help. If you are a new player, please give staff time to process your submission.  For any other character sheet changes, please make a comment on the Google document itself.

If you have a story-related question that you absolutely NEED an answer to, you may choose to reach out to a Story Staff member directly. Keep in mind that Staff members, although they try to keep up with correspondence, are not obligated to respond to such questions… and they may simply respond with FOIG (“Find Out In Game”), for questions that should not (for story reasons) be answered outside of game.


If you are uncertain about the right Story Staff member to contact with a question, you can contact one of the Heads of the three Story Houses. These people have the most information about the subjects covered by their respective Houses.


Head of Story - Garrett Hollows 


  • House of Mist and Shadows — Michael Strange

This House deals with Supernatural Races, Metaphysics, Magic, and Monsters


  • House of War — Hunter Mittelstaedt

This House deals with the Underworld, Military, and Adventures


  • House of the World — Crystal Boughton

This House deals with Politics, Cultures, and Religions

(If you need to contact any staff member directly, please see the Staff info page or email

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