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Player Resources

Recently we've updated our Rulebook, and now it's jam-packed with amazing new content! If you're interested in knowing a little bit more about how the game of Twin Mask is played, take a look. You can download the full rulebook with the link below. 


There is a thriving Twin Mask group on Facebook that is frequented by staff members, veteran players, and new/prospective players alike! If you are considering joining the game, feel free to come by and post some questions: our players are enthusiastic about giving help and advice. Facebook can be considered an important hub for Twin Mask—many announcements and events, both in and out of character, are posted here. (Also, there is a group dedicated solely to Twin Mask memes and hype!)


Twin Mask also hosts a popular Discord server, where players have a chance to chat and role-play both in and out of character. The “in-character” section is divided into various rooms, to simulate the experience of actually occupying the space of the game—so, for instance, you can hang out in the Guild of Academics, the tavern, or even meet somebody on the open road between the cities of Solace and Port Frey. If you love role-playing, you will be very happy to see the care and consistency that our players put into their portrayal of their characters, in both text and voice chat. Join our world!


Because Twin Mask is filled with such a vibrant collection of differing cultures, and because many of our players are dedicated to bringing their characters to life in whatever ways they can, we maintain a collection of images on Pinterest to serve as “style boards” and sources of inspiration. If you feel a little intimidated by the variety of cultures in the rule book, take the opportunity to see the amazing costumes and images that we have collected to represent each of them.

In-Character Letters
2019-10-08 12_09_13-In-Character Letters

Please submit digital letters between Twin Mask events using this form. Letters are due by noon the Sunday prior to an event.

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