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Helpful Links

Recently we've updated our Rulebook, and now it's jam-packed with amazing new content! If you're interested in knowing a little bit more about how the game of Twin Mask is played, take a look. You can download the full rulebook with the link below. 

Garb, Accessories, & Masks
•    Ravenswood Leather
•    Garb The World
•    The Monster Makers
•    Mask World
•    Composite Effects
•    Immortal Masks
•    The Tudor Shoppe
•    Aradani Studios

LARP Information
•    CW Fox Blog

•    A Beginner's Guide to LARP

Weapons & Armor
•    By The Sword Inc.
•    LARP Exchange
•    Medieval Collectibles
•    Dark Knight Armoury
•    StahlGilde
•    Dein Larp Shop
•    Sharp Mountain Leather

•    The Viking Store
•    The Larp Store
•    Paddywhack
•    Knighthawk Armory
•    Armstreet
•    Prince Armory
•    Ateliers Nemesis

Art & Music
•    Anna Rigby
•    C.E. Zacherl Illustrations
•    Moonsquid Illustration


Other Links
•    A Blue Roses Creation
•    Dapper Cadaver
•    Arts Cow
•    Foam Factory
•    The Ring Lord

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