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There are numerous places for your character to have been born, each with its own cultural biases toward other nations; in fact, most cultures have societal restrictions based on one’s bloodline. Read a bit about each culture below - if you like what you see download the rulebook  and read the rest! 

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The Nations

Unaffiliated Tribes

If Effendal social life has a single center on Tear, that center is The Citadel: an enormous, finely-wrought, hidden network of strongholds, caves, and pathways in and around a mountain to the southwest of the city of Solace.

While most Effendal typically fall into House Delfestrae and House Kaelin, there are three tribes who are all that remain after the Purges claimed their Houses. Radolond, of House Ranes, is a tribe of wise seers who’s ancient council and sight of the future is the reason why House Kaelin and House Delfestrae stand today. The other two tribes come from House Ra’e’len, and are native to the Island of Tear. Svivore, a tribe of warriors from Ra’e’len, and Rakuten, a tribe of hunters. These two tribes believe that House Kaelin and Delfestrae are guests of their land, are difficult to control and hard to approach.

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