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New Player Submission

Please read the character submission guidelines before you send in your character.

If you need help working on your character's backstory, please reach out to our New Player Liaisons on Facebook.  

New Player Liaison Team:

Elizabeth Nordenholt

Kyle Duong

The following is a list of things that you should consider when submitting your backstory for your character. 

• All backstories must end in your character’s death.  You will find out how you “return” in game.
• You still need to write a backstory, even if your character has a memory flaw.
• Your backstory cannot contain any magic or magical creatures not mentioned in the rulebook or your culture’s Lore packet.
• Your backstory cannot involve direct interactions with gods, royalty, or established NPCs.
• All character deaths must have occurred in the last 100 years of the world’s history.
• Characters cannot have any mix of Celestial and Demonic ancestry.
• Players cannot start as a knight.

• Players cannot choose a bloodline that is listed as "Persecuted" in their culture in the rulebook.

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