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The Wild

There are numerous places for your character to have been born, each with its own cultural biases toward other nations; in fact, most cultures have societal restrictions based on one’s bloodline. Read a bit about each culture below - if you like what you see download the rulebook  and read the rest! 

Civilized Vs. Wild 

One major distinction among the various nations of Adelrune consists of the “civilized” nations on the one hand and the “savage” nations on the other. Civilized nations subscribe to the Rules of Society, an internationally-binding agreement that ensures that proper respect is paid to leaders of all nations by establishing a caste-like system of peasants, nobles, and royalty. The ratification of the Rules of Society created a base expectation for society that allows the military, religious, and political leaders of various nations—even ones as different from one another as Mandala, the Nadine Empire, Ad Decimum, or Cestrel—to treat with each other without causing undue offense. On the other hand, the “savage nations”--or “Wild Nations”-- reject such structures, choosing instead to maintain their own traditional ways of life. The Saek, the Drir, the Gael, the Vicaul, and the Coatl are generally recognized as savage nations, and the majority of them tend to have an antagonistic relationship with the more structured nations around them. Finally, too, there are the Trahazi, a nomadic people of wagon caravans, who were forced from their homeland during the Purification, and now wander through the back streets of the “civilized” nations.

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