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There are numerous places for your character to have been born, each with its own cultural biases toward other nations; in fact, most cultures have societal restrictions based on one’s bloodline. Read a bit about each culture below - if you like what you see download the rulebook  and read the rest! 

The Celestine Faith 

The single most widespread system of religion on Adelrune, this pantheon comprises the national religion of the Celestine Empire (other religions are tolerated in that Empire, but they are not encouraged). In aggregate, the tenets of this faith teach perfection in balance and encourage people to see all acts as forms of potentially beautiful art. Everything from painting to swordplay can be perfected and mastered. The gods of this pantheon teach being lenient to the deserving and harsh to the wicked. True believers of this faith understand that all action must be thought out at length through meditation—and then, once your destiny is revealed, you are to act swiftly and with devotion. 

The Old Ways 

This pantheon has been with humanity since long before any civilizations were built. Originally, there were no cities or written history—there was only the wild. This wild was respected, revered, and, above all, feared. The gods that represent this primordial state of the world are still powerful forces, and they are still worshipped with burned offerings and other sacrifices. 

The Cult of the Mists

Within the mists that cover great swathes of the Torrent and wrap around all the borders of the world, there is a goddess who is both beautiful and fierce. The Lady of the Mists appears to her followers as a comely, scaled maiden who rides a great serpent of destruction. Monsters are hers to command, especially the great beasts of the deep. Ships that carelessly venture into her realm are not likely to return 

The Nameless Faith

Also known as “the Forbidden Faith,” this religion is built around belief in a cabal of powerful beings called “the nameless gods.” The church teaches the importance of pure self-interest, often reciting the mantra “self above all” and arguing that any action is justified so long as it benefits you. Adherents of these dark gods also believe that you have power over anything that you can destroy, to the point that those you kill will be your slaves in the afterlife. The followers of this faith are also known as “the Blasphemers,” and they are arrested on sight in many civilized lands. As such, this faith has few stable locations of worship, and instead favors secretive shrines and ‘meetings.’ 

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