New Player Submission

Please read the character submission guidelines before you send in your character.

If you need help working on your character's backstory, please reach out to our New Player Liaisons on Facebook.  

New Player Liaison Team:

Eric Hoff - Head of New Player Liaisons

The following is a list of things that you should consider when submitting your backstory for your character. 

• Clouded memory still needs a written backstory the character may take a year to remember but the player doesn’t.
• no made up magics, spells, or artifacts that do crazy shit.
• no god touched scenarios or fae touched for that matter (consisting of god like powers, time travel or things of that nature)
• if they write in the backstory that they have already returned, mark it light red and comment “ not returned yet”
• no royalty or close tie to royalty in any way.
• look for stories that are not in the 100 year range.
• look out for things that don’t seem to apply to that culture like farming in castle thorn.
• if a story says they are a knight check the skills list and look for nobility, military knowledge and oathbound.
• no demon/celestial mix.
• no gold chalice knights, no iron chalice.
• no character ties to NPCs.