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Over the years, our game has seen significant interest from several media outlets. Take a look at some of our recent features!

As a long-running LARP in the Southern California region—in relatively close proximity to various hubs of creative media—Twin Mask benefits from some incredible talent and interest. Quite a few of our players and Staff members have experience in Hollywood-style set design and costume design, with great results for Twin Mask's overall aesthetics. Over the years, too, our game has been actively featured by several media outlets. Take a look!


The World According to Jeff Goldblum

Episode 06 - Air date: December 13, 2019 on Disney + 

In which, Jeff explores the ins and outs of gaming.

We had the pleasure of hosting Jeff in our world: we explained LARP to him and let him portray a famous character of Adelrune, Lord Darius of Whitehall, during several momentous scenes.


How does a LARP deal with the scaling of a game from about 20 players to nearly 200 people at an event? Joining Ryan Omega and guest host, CW Fox, are Angela and John Basset, the creators of Twin Mask, a Southern California LARP that has been dealing with recent expansions in game. They share what they have learned in making a game grow to accommodate a larger player base as well as their thoughts and opinions of the recent popularity of LARP not just in geek culture, but in the mainstream.

There are many relationships fostered as a result of roleplay, prominently in-character but also extend beyond gaming. Dating is not uncommon in the LARP world and many even get married in Real-Life as a result of having met their mate in game.

Cynthia Marie and Ryan Omega cover attraction, dating and the crossover of feelings from in-character to real-life in this podcast. With our guests who run a LARP, we also cover how those relationships are managed at events.

Joining us are our special guests, John and Angela Basset, a married couple who met doing LARP years ago. John is also the creator of the LARP, Twin Mask, and Angela is the Head of Logistics for that same LARP. 

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