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The Races

There are numerous places for your character to have been born, each with its own cultural biases toward other nations; in fact, most cultures have societal restrictions based on one’s bloodline. Read a bit about each culture below - if you like what you see download the rulebook  and read the rest! 


By far the most common race on Adelrune, humans are willing and eager to fill every possible niche; they will adapt to any circumstance that allows for the possibility of growth. This adaptability is, at least partially, the result of the fact that they have much shorter lifespans than people of other races—humans have limited time in which to accomplish their goals, so they are more willing to do whatever it takes to move forward. 


The Effendal, also called ‘elves’ by many humans, predate recorded history. Some legends claim that they are the descendants of the great ‘Sidhe,’ a fictitious race among the Fae. The ‘Sidhe’ were said to be the Lords of Fae, both powerful in the ways of magic and immortal. In those stories, these so-called ‘Lords of the Between’ sailed away from the known lands and created a great Mist behind them, a screen that mere mortals could not pierce to follow them. 


The products of the love between a Celestial and a person of another race, members of this hybrid race have always been very rare, but in this dark time of the world they are more scarce than ever. The recent war against the greater demon Bel’e’athru took an enormous toll on the number of Celestials and half-celestials in Adelrune, for they were among the bravest fighters in that struggle. Now, therefore, a half-celestial is often seen as a beacon of hope and light, and many common people will view a person of this race as essentially a messenger from the heavens themselves. 


Generally the result of mating between Demons and people of other races, half-demons take the dark impulses of their demonic parents and join them with the distinctly different perspective of their parents. Half-demons are therefore truly unique, with an outlook on life that is tinted with darkness but not necessarily dedicated to it. Unfortunately for them, they often grow up being feared and hunted by the humans around them, so they often feel justified in unleashing their own worst impulses on those who have, in their view, wronged them. 


The ancient product of the coupling between a dragon and a person of another race, a half-dragon is perhaps the rarest of all hybrid races. That is, in modern Adelrune, dragons are generally believed to be extinct, so any surviving half-dragons must be very old indeed (or, of course, Returned from death). With partially-scaled skin, along with horns and teeth that are strongly reminiscent of their draconic parents, half-dragons tend to inspire a sense of wonder and (often) fear in the people around them. 


The hybrid children of the unpredictable nature-spirits known as the Fae and a person (or animal) of another race, half-fae have inherited a strange, whimsical place in the world. Fae are generally enigmatic, animalistic, and magical creatures who serve the balance of the world by preserving, in their own inconsistent ways, the mystery and primacy of nature. Their children are not bound in any way to serve the same goal, but many do find within themselves a love of nature and a desire to protect it. 

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